Variety 2019 Entertainment Predictions

One of my favorite parts of being near the beginning of a new year are the predictions people make and this article does that, showing some predictions about entertainment in 2019 some people have made.


Spelling Lost

I was the spelling bee champion of the sixth grade and now I think if I were to enter another bee at the same level, I would probably lose! Technology has made me a terrible speller! I don’t have to remember how to spell complete words anymore, just part of them, because autocorrect guesses right for me with its suggestions like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. So there are a lot of people, not just myself, losing the ability to write concisely because of the speed of technology!

Abused Nuns

I thought this article was fascinating. I never really knew about some priests and bishops preying on nuns before, but it makes sense. I guess because the abuse of children by priests and bishops is more well-known, is even material for some people’s jokes.

Conversations and Communities are Important

As the title of this post says, conversations and communities are important! As a person, you might learn something you might not have known before from them, make connections, and benefit. It is what happened to Johannes Gutenberg. From one person, he learned about ink and from another person, he learned about printing and from other people, he learned about other things. Later, he ended up putting it all together to make the printing press!

The Vanishing Neighbor

I saw an episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and it talked about how fewer children are joining athletic programs. This is because funds for these types of programs keep decreasing, so many kids are unable to join them since they are usually being terminated and only the richer kids have access to them. The episode showed people worrying about obesity in kids because of this. I worried about the social consequences from this as well. The episode also reminded me there’s a book I want to read called The Vanishing Neighbor. In the book, it talks about how people don’t really talk to their neighbors as much as they did in the past and how participation rates for community programs, like bowling leagues, are decreasing and how this may be a bad thing.