You Can Do More

“There’s not very much difference between the person who is succeeding and the other who isn’t; between the person who is taking big strides onward, and the other who is doing only fairly well. One has discovered themselves; and the other has not. One knows they can do things; and the other is not sure.

We are more capable than we think we are. We don’t expect as much of ourselves as we should. We too frequently judge ourselves by what we are, instead of what we may become by adding just a little more energy and thought to our efforts.

The rate at which your capacity for doing things can be developed is wonderful. You can do but a little today, but by doing that little (and doing it with snap and energy), you are a stronger person tomorrow. You can do more. And the next day a new idea is evolved in your mind. You begin to think. And thinking is what makes the woman and man — not thinking alone, but thinking and putting those thoughts into action.”

-George H. Knox