Before, I’ve written about how drugs effect the pleasure centers of the brain, saying they do this by activating those centers, but while that is happening they are also destroying them, so that’s why people can get addicted to drugs because they can feel the need to get those pleasurable feelings back. Now I know another scientific reason why some people get addicted to drugs that is similar. It has to do with the thalamus in the brain. When we experience pain, we receive messages to the thalamus signaling it. But drugs slow down the messages of pain we receive. This slowing of the brain can lead to a euphoric state where people are more philosophical, creative, and romantic. The downside of this is the brain naturally sends signals to slow pain. But if drugs are taken regularly these signals stop. This can lead to addiction to make up for that. And this also can lead to withdrawal symptoms like diahrrea, depression, and paranoia.

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