The World’s Wealthiest Family Makes $4 Million Every Hour

The Walton family, from Walmart, earns $70,000 in a minute, $4 million in an hour, and $100 million in a day overall. Other families that make huge amounts of money in a short timespan are also included on this list.

3 thoughts on “The World’s Wealthiest Family Makes $4 Million Every Hour

  1. What business is it of ours how much someone else makes? My friend bill always says “Keep you spoon in your own bowl”.
    My worry is that too many people are either jealous or angry about someone else’s success. It’s time to be responsible for our own, and not begrudge someone else’s.

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    1. I like your friend’s saying. I think lots of people get in trouble by not doing that. And this article is like a lot of news, trivial, but it’s fun to share. But it may be important because I see the world as changing and kind of think there will be a violent uprising against the rich one day by some people, because of the anger and jealousy people have because of how much rich people make or have or how they are entitled and can get away with things like tampering with college admissions. It is that, that would be the cause, them not keeping their spoons in their own bowl. And it might be important because maybe the wealth of the Walton family will decrease, although Walmart is the company that always is #1 on the Fortune 500 list, because of the El Paso shooting and politics. This is since some people are mad about how they sell guns on one side and some people on the other side are mad about how now they’re becoming stricter and not wanting people to carry guns in their stores.


      1. I wrote on the blog before that I think the have nots are becoming the haves, since I think some people that haven’t really been given the spotlight are starting to get it, which is great and long overdue in my opinion. I believe everyone deserves to shine. But, I think in order for the have nots to become the haves, some people are going to get taken down brutally. I believe some of these people that get taken down will deserve this like bribers and some won’t, they will get it just because of what class they are a part of, the kind of life they live. So that’s what I worry about too, unwarranted anger and jealousy and possible violence. I don’t know, I’d like for everyone to shine and things not to get too damaging out there, people to live in peace, if there is such a thing.


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