What is Success?

“What is success? To one person it means one thing and to another it may mean something quite different. Some people desire happiness and love above all things, and could they but gain these would count themselves successful in the highest degree, even though their circumstances remained humble and comparatively poor.

Some desire fame and distinction in science. Their ambition is to invent, to discover or investigate, to do something that has never been done before. The only reward that they seek is the joy of accomplishment.

Some desire to be great in music, painting, in sculpture, while others seek to be leaders in their chosen profession of business, medicine, law, or politics. Still others have ambitions to serve their day and generation, to give and be spent in the service of humanity.

Whatever your ambition may be, follow it. Whatever you have a taste for (whatever it is you have a burning desire to accomplish), follow it and strive after it. It is useless to try and be successful if you are a round peg in a square hole. Before you can make your life a full and abundant success, you must find your ‘niche’ and fill it.”

-Henry Thomas Hamblin