7 thoughts on “Keeping Expectations Low

  1. true but doesn’t allways work for me. becaus when I didn’t expect anything I accepted untruthfulness and hurt instead of the love and trust I axpected. true no epectations will not dissapoint but i have learned never forget your own worth and at least expect that in return! even if you feel you don’t deserve, don’t forget it’s better off without that than stay in situations where you can’t expect self worth and respect

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    1. I agree, people shouldn’t forget their own worth. I think many people keep their expectations low, I’ve done it many times, because life is painful, so it makes it less painful. But I don’t think it makes pain avoidable entirely, just from what I’ve experienced.


      1. that’s true aswell, everybody makes mistakes. even our loved ones. that hurts but it also makes us grow. You have a nice, positive an realistic way of thinking! pain is never avoidable but we can make it work if we do not forget our own worth and when we don’t forget “everybody makes mistakes”

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      2. Thanks. I admire how you think as well. Definitely agree that we shouldn’t forget our own worth and that we do all make mistakes, but maybe, like many people say, all that matters is what we learn from them. I’m now reminded of a video I shared before. It said, “It’s okay to lose, but you can never get comfortable with it.”


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