Tiger King

Like many Americans, I’ve been stuck at home and to pass time and take my mind off things, I decided to binge-watch the documentary Tiger King on Netflix. I thought the debate the documentary inspires is fascinating, about whether or not to have tigers in captivity or used as entertainment for zoos or domesticated is the right thing to do. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, then you know I believe that eventually there will be no animals in captivity or in zoos. So I’m thinking the Netflix documentary will help build support for that idea in some people, cause people to change their minds about long held traditions and ways of doing things, like how Mike Tyson now says he sees owning tigers as pets differently. I also find the timing of the documentary interesting. It’s interesting it’s popular at this particular moment in history because right now, animals are out and about, roaming the streets, while humans are mostly stuck inside because of the coronavirus crisis. So, now humans know how animals confined in certain spaces feel and it could mean that in the future, as animals get more free, humans will get less free as a result.