Down With The System?

Right now in the United States, there are many people that want to overthrow the current system and have an anger towards rich people, which I think they will use to overthrow some of them too, in addition to the system someday. One thing I think that fueled this anger and desire to get rid of the system was the recent college admissions scandal. But when I look at it, I think that’s an example of rich people doing things they shouldn’t be doing that’s outside the system. So, I think sometimes when people want to overthrow the system, maybe what they should really want and mean and say is that they want to get rid of abuses outside of the system, corrupt people like that. But sadly, I worry even if these people get what they want and the system changes, things still will not be perfect, there will never be a utopia, simply because I believe nothing will ever be perfect because people aren’t perfect. Like I said before, revolutions, changes in general, are tricky; sometimes they work out exactly as intended, and sometimes, like in the book Animal Farm, they do not.