‘No Mask, No Service’ Signs Pop Up As Businesses Begin To Slowly Reopen

This article says stores have a constitutional right not to permit shoppers that don’t wear a mask. So if you’re one of those people, stop fighting over this, saying it is unconstitutional, and like this article says, if you disagree with it, simply don’t shop at any store with such a policy.


3 thoughts on “‘No Mask, No Service’ Signs Pop Up As Businesses Begin To Slowly Reopen

  1. Of course, articles on CBS are not the final arbiters of constitutionality. These policies may face (no pun intended) court tests. Authorities differ on masks. Some say they actually increase the infection rate by promoting hand-to-face contact. It may be that someone will sue one of these businesses after contracting an infection while wearing a mask. A few expert witnesses and it could all be over for the targeted business. Then other businesses would rush to change their policies.

    In other words, we’re still living in chaos! Keep us posted, Enlightened Mind!

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    1. Thanks for clarifying that. I was listening to this doctor talk about masks not too long ago on a podcast; he claimed masks are more for the patient already sick, so a doctor doesn’t pass on an infection to a patient, so he thought this made masks practically worthless for the healthy person. If that’s true, it’s sadly showing how much people are being manipulated right now, to fight among one another, along with this.

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