Politicians Demand John Wayne Airport Changes Name Over Racist History

John Wayne is or was considered by some to be an American hero, although not to Public Enemy along with Elvis, and back in the day, there were lots more movies about cowboys than there are today. I’ve heard some people on podcasts say they were the comic book movies of the past, because of the amount and speed in which they were released and their popularity. So like Paula Cole in the 90s, in a song I don’t hear as much in the radio as I used to, some people can ask themselves today where have all the cowboys gone. As a symbol, the cowboy can stand for freedom, courage, individuality, hard work, self-reliance, strength, and defiance against the government or authority. So this symbol today, like with country music, is either being changed, or destroyed completely which also makes it more evidence that things in the United States are changing. And I think based on John Wayne’s comments here, this shows how things are different today, because of someone like Lil Nas X, who dresses like a cowboy, and is both an African American and a homosexual, people Wayne seemingly feels superior to in his Playboy interview.