Will Anybody Trust the 2020 Election Results?

More than half of Americans say they would be suspicious of the 2020 election results. I would too if Trump wins, which would probably echo the 2016 election with accusations of interference from someplace else. Many Trump supporters think they’re rebuilding America by voting for Trump, but I think the opposite, he’s in my opinion and pun intended, a trump card to help the United States become divided and collapse even further. I think a lot of powerful people and countries recognize this, so they are willing to work to make it happen. And if he doesn’t win, even though I hope things will be better under Biden, I’m afraid there will still be some repercussions because of this, by people likely to not trust the results, and a quote by David Frum, who said, “If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.”





2 thoughts on “Will Anybody Trust the 2020 Election Results?

  1. I’m not as concerned. Biden is centrist enough to have some appeal among conservatives. As a unifier, he’s singularly well positioned this year. However, due to his age, his choice of VP will have a major impact on how people feel about him.

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