Amid America’s opioid crisis, deaths from stimulants are steadily rising

Before this article, I had no idea an overdose from caffeine was possible, although it is extremely rare. I know alcohol abuse is said by some people to be increasing and because of these deaths, I wonder if the use of stimulants is also increasing.

Kliff Kingsbury: Cardinals allowing cellphone breaks’ during meetings

It’s interesting how the coach said players start suffering physically, such as with twitching, from not having their cellphone for a certain period of time. I’ve experienced this before so I think being addicted to screens might be similar to many other addictions, coming off substances, in that way.

Sweets Addiction

I’m addicted to delicious sugary sweets. When I do eat healthy, I wish I was eating the things that are unhealthy! I know exactly how I first got addicted to these appeasable sweets. I took in a little taste of one particular sweet, but then it was taken away, so I searched for and discovered a way to bring the euphoria back. This process I went through isn’t just exclusive to me however. My friends, sometimes this is exactly how people get addicted to things and buy things!

Rats and Sugar

I have seen a lot of people saying sugar, the effects it has on the brain, is similar to cocaine or that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. It reminds me of how long ago, on YouTube, I watched a video about these laboratory experiments involving rats and sugar. In the first experiment, a rat was all alone with two containers of water. One of these containers was contaminated with sugar. The rat preferred the sweeter contaminated water and because the rat was all alone, the only thing the rat did was drink the sugary water in large amounts.

For the second experiment, another rat was placed near the two differing containers of water, but this time the rat used in the experiment was surrounded by other rats. What the scientists conducting the experiment then found astonished them. They discovered the rat wasn’t as concerned with the contaminated water compared to the rat in the previous experiment and environment. What this made the scientists question afterwards is if a sense of community, or somebody to lean on, which terminates feelings of loneliness, is what some persons need in order to curtail their addictions to drugs like cocaine.

Destructive Coping

I once blogged about how I was afraid of romance, because even though the feeling of love is great, it is also hurt me to see what true love really does. I remembered this because I now know of somebody that is addicted to alcohol and it was perhaps the main reason for many of their relationships in life tearing apart and this tearing apart of their relationships, tore them apart as well inside. In response, this person has began drinking more to cope, using the exact thing which caused them problems in the first place! It is a vicious cycle and extremely sad! So terribly, it’s another reminder that sometimes the thing that makes you feel so good can make you feel so bad!

Fortnite Divorces

Finding this article was surprising to me. It reminded me of how the World Health Organization has recently classified video game addiction as a disorder and of a story I read about a couple in South Korea years ago that abandoned and let their infant die at home because they were too busy playing at a gaming café in the country. I believe the HBO documentary Love Child is about that incident.

Video games are awesome and fun. Playing video games is one of my favorite past times in life. But what this article and the story I read shows me is I need to be careful with how much time I spend playing video games. Sure, it feels great to increase your rank or get further in a game, but if I am not too careful, then the game can distract me from what is really important in life!