The Future of Movies?

There’s been some controversy and debate recently. It all started when Martin Scorsese said Marvel movies are not cinema, that they’re theme park rides, and then people from the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave rebuttals and Francis Ford Coppola got involved somehow. Me personally, I think I agree with Taika Waititi when he suggested of course Marvel movies are cinema because they’re at cinemas and if they’re not cinema, then the Marvel Cinematic Universe should perhaps change its name. But, in the future, this debate might not even matter, because from what I’ve read, many people, like Michio Kaku, are expecting all films to connect to and ignite all of our five senses using brain sensors we have with us. Like let’s say you’re watching a movie and a character is swimming in the ocean, while that is happening on screen, you will also feel like you’re in the ocean as you feel the water touching your skin. In order to accomplish this realism, it is said actors will have to wear equipment much like motion capture equipment today and movie theaters will have to change their appearances to facilitate this change. So, what Scorsese doesn’t realize is that in the future, as technology becomes more interactive and immersive, all movies may be like theme park rides!