Health and Bravery

“Whether you are weak, healthy, or strong, depends much upon the kind of thoughts that you allow to rest within your mind. ‘Thought grows by Thought.’ Remember that, and you will understand that the way to be healthy and brave is to think of Health and Bravery, and the way to be weak and unhealthy is to fear that weakness and sickness may come to you. So learn to put every fear of pain or weakness right away from you.

If you are weary from the heat and disinclined to work, don’t think to yourself, ‘Oh, how hot it is! — I can’t work anymore;’ for such a thought will make your body all the weaker. If you are tired with a long day’s work, turn the thought of weariness out of your mind and say to yourself: ‘My Body is made of Strength, For My Spirit is Strong,’ and you will be filled with a wave of strength, and weariness will leave you.

When you were a child, you may have been afraid to enter a room that was dark, or sometimes perhaps you woke in the night trembling at shadows across the room. As an adult, you now have different dark fears. But if you remember that ‘as you thinketh, so you are,’ and that if you think bravely your body will answer and become built upon solid lines of Courage, no Fear or Cowardice can or will rest within you.”

-Dorothy Grenside