“Sunshine is essential to life. Disease and crime breed and grow where there is darkness. A hopeless individual is already defeated. The poison has entered their soul and paralyzed their initiative. Pessimism has crowded the lower rungs of life’s ladder and gives plenty of room to those who would go to the top.

All successful people are optimists. If they were not, they could not succeed. It is probable that some individuals who revel in pessimism have reached the top; but, like barnacles, they have ridden up fastened to the back of other people.

In the early days of the United States, Jim Hill was optimistic with reference to the future of the Northwest. To him that land was capable of being converted into the granary of the world. He believed in its future. In his imagination, he saw fields of grain waving golden in the sun; he saw a railroad, reaching across the forest, over the mountain, through the vale, on and on until it touched the tidewater of Puget Sound. He believed in the Northwest and made the Northwest what it is today. He was optimistic and his optimism enabled him to make the grade.”

-C.V. Mosby

On a side note, Rest In Peace Bill Withers ❤️.