Shared Information

I’m always interested in hearing more about the cartels in Mexico. Recently, I heard someone say that many times in Mexico, people join the police to then join the cartels. They do this so they can learn kidnapping and torture tactics from the police, gather intel about them and learn how they operate before leaving. And this exposes a simple truth about life. Sometimes, the information we share is eventually used against us!

El Mencho’s Mexican drug cartel empire is devastating small-town USA

These writings examine the power and influence of drug kingpin El Mencho.

Mexico Mormon Attack: Drug Cartels, LeBaron Sect History Behind the Massacre of American Moms and Children

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responded to the attack involving Mormons and Mexican cartels recently, acknowledging that the Mormons involved weren’t part of their organization . The first article explains why, since they are part of a breakaway sect with old-time ideas the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had, but changed later on. And because of these out of fashion views, it may be a reason why this breakaway sect is alleged to have had connections with the NXIVM cult.