Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income ‘Soon’

Some time ago, I wrote about Bernie Sanders’ campaign and said a reason why the United States is not yet a socialist nation is because the standard of living is too high, so I speculated some trouble would have to occur first, for the country to be a socialist nation, which is where I believe it’s headed eventually, and give the government more control. Soon after, the coronavirus crisis occurred, and now, more people in the United States and other countries are supporting programs deemed as being socialist by various people such as this, which Spain wants permanently.

Bill Gates: Coronavirus pandemic a ‘nightmare scenario’ but predicts lower death toll than Trump

Both Donald Trump and doctor Anthony Fauci told Americans recently that anywhere from over 100,000 to 240,000 Americans will die from the coronavirus and made it seem like it will happen soon. Right now, I don’t think it will be that high so soon. The only reason I can think of so far that projection was made so high by Trump is so Trump himself can end up looking better when the crisis subsides. So I’m like Bill Gates in thinking that it’s too much, but we all have to help out in order for this not to happen, although I think the disease might be seasonal and get to those projections eventually far off into the future. But there’s some good news recently, Italy yesterday reported their fewest coronavirus deaths in weeks, and Spain is also seeing drops, so hopefully that means infections of the disease worldwide will drop off soon and it is a good omen for Italy, the United States, Spain, and other countries combatting the virus.


Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

This article answers why such elderly people are involved in politics in the United States. I think there’s some tension and resentment between old and young people in the United States and this tension and resentment might cause young people to radically change the nature of the country, like this writer seems to imply to me he wants.