Strange Stuff #277-“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments”– Dr. Jacques Vallée

In many of the things I have read about secret mind control experiments, it is sometimes claimed many alien abductions aren’t actual experiences, but instead hallucinations brought upon by the programming. And apparently, famed UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee also explored the idea.

Strange Stuff #271-Demons were summoned into the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid

This video talks about how Aleister Crowley is said to have summoned demons in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It also theorizes the pyramids in Egypt were created by the Nephilim. Other theories I’ve heard about the creation of the pyramids of course include those which are many saying they were built by aliens, which Egypt denies. And, this video says that the pyramids in Egypt weren’t intended to be tombs, this ties into another thing I learned before, that the pyramids may not have been tombs, but instead temples of initiation for the mystery schools at the time there.