Political Correctness Creates New Regimes

I’ve often said I believe the world is currently in the process of turning upside down and the United States is either changing along with the rest of the world or being destroyed. Political correctness plays a part I think. It’s for the opposite reason why Rod Serling said the concentration camps in Germany are still standing, but for the same reasons why the robots in the story “Apocalipsis” by Marco Denevi and ISIS destroy works of art when they conquer a place, why schools in Chicago have ditched Columbus day, why the villain Killmonger in the movie Black Panther wants to burn everything once he takes the throne and why the Nazis actually burnt books in Germany. Old things have to be destroyed to make way for new things, for certain ideologies to conquer, and that’s what you’re seeing with political correctness, with people censoring or removing works of art or changing history. So, I believe many people that are politically correct have good intentions and hearts; they have concern and compassion for their fellow human beings and want people treated equally. But, they don’t realize this is conquering and replacement is an ulterior motive of political correctness for other people and something it can even lead to.