The World Is Turning Upside Down

For the longest time, I tried to distill where I think the world is heading in the simplest form possible. After much turmoil and deliberation, I think I finally got it, but to get there I had to list in my mind all the things I noticed about the world, have shared news about on this blog before. So, maybe consider this a “greatest hits” collage of this blog as I now list those reasons that helped me make my conclusion. First of all, I think it’s possible plant-based and other fake meat can replace real meat in the future, so people won’t be eating animals anymore, and maybe all animals could have the same rights as humans if certain animal rights activists and people against specieism have their way. Plus, we noticed many people want cannibalism and insects incorporated into more diets for its beneficial environmental impact and some people are seeking pedophilia to be normalized. I also think people that have usually been downtrodden are becoming more empowered, the have-nots are becoming the haves, which explains another change I’ve noticed, why diversity in storytelling is becoming more ubiquitous, and that people are turning away from religion to alternative beliefs. So, what I believe, and concluded, is that the world is being turned upside down, and if you want to imagine what the future will be like, just think of the opposite of what has been done for the longest time! Maybe this is why there’s so much inner turmoil in countries, and disagreements countries have with other countries, because in order for these changes to happen, places have to fall and rise, get rebuilt again, or be destroyed completely.

America Is Changing

I often see the United States of America on the cusp of another civil war and as changing, which the fallout of a civil war would obviously cement. I used to think it took a lot of people to cause change in this country, but I learned many facts later on. I learned only a third of Americans wanted revolution before this country was established and during the Civil War, most of the population did not take part. So what this shows us in the history of the United States of America, and perhaps any country, is that many people don’t want to risk themselves so they will go to whichever side wins and that it doesn’t take much to change the nature of the country.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

This past holiday season, I kept hearing this song in places and on advertisements over and over again. It kind of made me sad thinking of all the people I have lost during my life and reminded me they weren’t around anymore for me to spend the holidays with them. Of course, many people feel more depressed or suicidal than usual during the holidays and many succeed in using these negative feelings to end their own life. And, even holiday shopping can stress some people out, as places become more crowded. So, I think to claim any holiday as taking place during the most wonderful time of the year is just absurd. For many people, during some holidays, it is actually the worst time of the year!