Trump axes California’s right to set own auto emissions standards

This is some news from California that caught my attention recently. I’ll have more on California later.

Roughly Half of Trump Voters Would At Least Partially Blame Him for a Recession

Recently, there was lots of talk about a possible recession occuring in the United States soon. I’m hesitant to believe it, because the media always overhypes things and of a prediction I shared on this blog and still stand by, but I don’t know, maybe I need to let it go. My prediction was that Trump would get reelected and after that, that’s when the economy and the country would be in really bad shape, and maybe someone would try to assassinate him, because unfortunately some people don’t care about certain issues as long as their bellies are full and if their bellies aren’t full, they will respond by inflicting pain. I also had this guess because of things I once read that say an economy that is not inclusive can have incredible gains for a time, but it is not sustainable. And that’s what we’ve had so far under Trump, great gains with isolation, and I believe in order for him to get reelected, the United States economy still needs to be in great shape by November of next year. So if he doesn’t keep the economy in great shape, I think he will lose, unless there’s something controversial that goes on. Hopefully I am wrong.

State. Sen. Sandoval Apologizes For Mock Trump Assassination Photos At Fundraiser