As Chinese Exclusion Act Turns 135, Experts Point To Parallels Today

I feel like the Chinese Exclusion Act is something from history not a lot of Americans know about compared to the Japanese internment camps during World War II. It makes me wonder if there’s a war between the United States and China sometime in the immediate future, if something similar will happen, especially since Trump is already suspicious and fearful of China and has already been proven to be a xenophobe.

From ‘beautiful letters’ to ‘a dark nightmare’: How Trump’s North Korea gamble went bust

Trump has failed to reach an agreement for North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

Inside the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone

I pointed out in the past how many people that call themselves anti-fascists on the left and constitutionalists on the right are hypocritical and similar, even though they proclaim to hate each other, because they don’t allow the voices they disagree with to be heard sometimes. So they act very fascist and unconstitutional that way. I guess this situation with the autonomous zone in Seattle is an extension of that. Like Trump, who these people in this zone probably disagree with or hate, they have shown they wanted to build walls and be in their own bubbles. And it also shows me the odds for discourse and reconciliation and agreement with the other side is non-existent for many people. Now, Trump wants to send troops to intervene, but I wonder if that’s not within his rights, if it’s similar to something that happened in the first American Civil War, where the southern states did have the right to secede from the Union, and so they did without being stopped and everything was fine, until a bunch of southerners that wanted a war with the Union fired upon Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. And if the South had never fired on the North there would never have been a civil war.