Who are Extinction Rebellion — the ‘eco-activists’ grounding planes & shutting down cities

This looks at Extinction Rebellion, another group like anti-natalists, with some members that are without hope for the future and believe that other people are not responsible enough to shepherd the planet and thus need to be controlled.


I wish I’d never been born: the rise of the anti-natalists

Yesterday, unfortunately, there was another school shooting in the United States in California. The perpetrator attempted to kill himself, like many others that have committed the same deed. Because of this attempted suicide and self-destruction, I saw some people online say the shooter was an “anti-natalist”, a designation, group of people, I just found about yesterday too from this article. So because of that connection, I don’t believe like anti-natalists things happen without purpose and believe it’s just so sad, but understandable why, so many people are without hope.