“Fear is the most devastating agency in life. It prevents initiative, paralyzes effort, promotes disease, hampers development and in a thousand ways mars the character. And yet, it is one of the most common defects in character. Most of us are subject to Fear in one form or another. We fear fate, we fear death, we fear disease, we fear poverty, we fear failure, we fear accident, we fear difficulties, we fear responsibility, and on and on.

While writers on the subject agree that Fear often becomes a vice, few offer any practical suggestions for its eradication. The reader is generally advised to use their Reason, which is well enough as far as it goes, but the fact remains that the conclusions of Reason are frequently not sufficient to control action.

Lyman Abbott states that if we look back upon those times in our lives when we thought we were facing danger, we will see in retrospect that the lions were almost ways chained. We know from personal experience that situations which initially excited our fears, were rarely, if ever, as bad as our imagination had pictured them.”

-C.H. Forbes-Lindsay

Determination Causes Happiness

“Today I would like to talk with you about certain helps to happiness. The first is Determination. And by that I mean the will to be happy – for happiness is largely an interior matter. It is subjective; it does not depend on any particular environment, but depends solely upon our relation to the great currents of life. If we resist, there is friction and distress; if we fling ourselves boldly into the eternal tides, we are swept into every form of beauty and truth.

This does not mean that we should try to attain that sort of contentment which lets the world go by without an effort to change it for the better. When bad conditions may be changed, it is the imperative of all good people to be persistently discontented until they change them.”

-George Hodges