The Truth About 5G

These videos gives more information about 5G. I was recently thinking about how many people that lean toward the right, conservatives, in the United States are in the heartland and because of it, are the people that tend to adopt the internet slower compared to other places in the country, so maybe this explains why some of them are suspicious of 5G. I also find it interesting how in the second video below, it talks about how 5G can help track how much water and electricity a person uses, so the technology might make it easier to keep track of and punish people for not treating the environment well because of it.

The post-human world is emerging, will free humans resist?

This article claims the coronavirus crisis is benefitting artificial intelligence, maybe because robots are assisting and being paraded around now in places like China, and I heard Pittsburgh.

Jeff Brown-5G

I’ve recently begun looking into all the things people have to say about 5G and its implications. I began by listening to interviews with a man named Jeff Brown, a Silicon Valley insider. I wrote some notes about what he had to say, here they are.

-5G is a wireless technology that’s been in development for 10 years. We had 2G in the 90s, 3G in the 2000s, 4G in the 2010s, and 5G will be in the 2020s. The “G” stands for “generation”.

-Brown says within 2 to 3 years, the vast majority of the United States population will be covered by 5G networks. 5G will help and benefit artificial intelligence, remote robotic surgery, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

-Brown says we need 5G because 4G networks are congested. The frequencies we use for television and 4G have all been taken, so we have to go higher up. Higher frequencies mean higher power.

-5G speeds are 100 times faster than 4G speeds. The average speed is 10 MB a second with 4G and with 5G, it’s 1GB a second. 5G only has a millisecond of latency.

-Brown believes that theories about 5g and its frequencies are conspiracies promoted by America’s competitors. Brown says they’ve done research, that transmitters have been placed by rats, and there’s no evidence that wireless networks, all the Gs, have negative health effects. He says people wouldn’t be near 5G transmitters all the time anyways and there’s also no evidence holding a cellphone constantly next to your head causes health damage.

-5G will help self-driving cars better respond because of its latency and to know who is in the car, in case it has to make a decision on which way to move to cause the least damage. 94% of driving deaths are caused by human error so the hope is self-driving cars can lessen that. The average self-driving car will use 4,000 GB of data a day and virtual reality is expected to use even more. To put it in perspective, today’s average cellphone uses nearly half a GB a day.

The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology