Presidential Debates

I’ve watched some of the Democratic presidential debates this year on television. I don’t remember much of it, except Marianne Williamson talking about forces of darkness and Joe Biden being chastised. I believe, from what I saw, that it is because the time candidates have to speak is not enough and it’s quite frustrating sometimes, because candidates are thinking of ideas while in the process of answering questions. And I believe this just shows a problem of television in general. Television’s time constraints do often make it a medium where depth is lost and it is often about curating performances, rather than ideas.


I know of many television finales that have disappointed me and many of you. Some of these for some people include the infamous scene from The Sopranos where the screen fades to black and the entire last season or episode of Game of Thrones. Often, I hear people talk about these endings to many of these stories, and they say the story was good right up until the ending, so they sometimes view the stories they cherished differently because of their endings. What this has taught me is that sometimes in life, in our relationships with people and things, the end is remembered more than the beginning and, possibly, if the ending was bad, the beginning might be thought of as being bad as well.

7 Classic Cartoons That Deserve A TV Special

This year, I was glad to see hour-long specials appear for past Nickelodeon shows Rocko’s Modern Life and Invader Zim, which was in addition to a Hey Arnold! special that launched in 2017. Because of that, the writer of this article I am sharing lists 7 cartoons they would like to see be given the same treatment, as do some people in the comments. Which cartoon that hasn’t been brought back recently would you like to see come back?