All-electric Grand Caravan makes maiden flight

An electric plane was used in a test flight. Maybe like with cars on the road, we can expect more electric planes in the skies, that benefit the environment more, to be used in the future, before things start being driven and piloted on their own, and when more people feel comfortable enough to travel.

The Future is Hard to Predict

In this blog, I have made several predictions. However, the future is sometimes unpredictable. Sometimes, a person’s hopes for the future are different from the realities when that future eventually shows up. Recently, I read about how the founders of the internet believed their discovery would only be similar to a study in a house, where a person can go to acquire knowledge, and improve themselves for the betterment of themselves and humanity. They did not foresee the other uses for the internet we have created though, some of them bad. My friend Nick once told me, in a story I’ve never verified, how the Wright brothers believed their invention would bring about world peace, and pointed out how planes were used not too long after to drop the atomic bombs on Japan at the offset of World War II. And I once read the band Nirvana was expecting the song “Come as You Are” to be the biggest single of their Nevermind album, but it ended up being “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which was listened to and played most, crossed the mainstream first. Even now, I am not sure what posts I have will be liked and read by the most people. So, the future’s unpredictability must be accounted for by myself and anyone else trying to be as some people would say like Nostradamus in accurately predicting the future.