Symbolism Exposed #3-Bottle

I remember when I was in school I had this one teacher and instead of teaching us, all he did was show movies in his class. Talk about the easiest class ever! And we didn’t even need signed permission slips to see the movies! One movie he showed us was Man on Fire starting Denzel Washington. That movie was rated R, so was it the right movie to show young kids? Probably not! But from that movie, I noticed something. When Denzel Washington’s character is ready to get back to work and finally accepts his calling in the movie, he gives up his habit of drinking alcohol. He puts the bottle down. In the movie him getting rid of the bottle stands for his redemption but in symbolism, the reverse can also be true. The bottle can stand for salvation itself. It’s exactly like in real life because many people seek salvation through a bottle!

Am I a Good Person?

Months ago, I went to a funeral with my friend with the same first name as me and his wife. After this funeral, a party was held at the home of the deceased, although it was the saddest and least fun party I ever, and I’m sure many other persons attended, for obvious reasons. At this party, many people drank alcohol to numb their pain due to the loss of a loved one. My friend with the same first name as me, his wife, and myself did not drink however. Because we were sober, we were made to give a drunken person at the party a car ride back to their home. As we left the party with that person, I noticed other people making fun of that person, kicking them down while they were weak from intoxication, at a time when they needed help. I did not like this. It’s because I do not like it when other people kick other people down when they are already down and, as I’ve stated before in this blog, I believe in some of the words of the law of the jungle.

During the ride to the home, the drunkard began to sob and speak. Their words were incoherent; only bits and pieces of sentences could be understood from them. From what I was able to gather though, I knew the drunkard was quite sad about being too intoxicated. And over and over again, the drunkard kept questioning if they were a good person or not, often saying they were a bad person.

When the four of us got to the drunkard’s home, the drunkard leaned on my friend with the same first name as me and was escorted into their home by us. Then, my friend with the same first name as me, his wife, and I left the drunkard’s home to go back to the party. Returning there, I also felt sadness.

The drunkard reminded and reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. I have regretted being intoxicated with alcohol before. Other people seem to think I am a good person, but I do not think I am a good person most of the time, perhaps it is because my failures, mistakes, always stick out to me more than my achievements. But I will say this, in my eyes, I thought the drunkard questioning whether or not they were a good person made them a good person!

Destructive Coping

I once blogged about how I was afraid of romance, because even though the feeling of love is great, it is also hurt me to see what true love really does. I remembered this because I now know of somebody that is addicted to alcohol and it was perhaps the main reason for many of their relationships in life tearing apart and this tearing apart of their relationships, tore them apart as well inside. In response, this person has began drinking more to cope, using the exact thing which caused them problems in the first place! It is a vicious cycle and extremely sad! So terribly, it’s another reminder that sometimes the thing that makes you feel so good can make you feel so bad!