Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

This article answers why such elderly people are involved in politics in the United States. I think there’s some tension and resentment between old and young people in the United States and this tension and resentment might cause young people to radically change the nature of the country, like this writer seems to imply to me he wants.


Socialism In The Election

Right now, there are a lot more people in the United States preferring socialism. I believe it’s where the country is headed eventually because it’s what most young people favor, it seems to me, and of course young people are the future. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon as it pertains to this upcoming presidential election. The standard of living in the United States is a reason why the country is not yet a socialist nation. The poorest in the country are still richer than a lot of the world. Trump’s economy further emphasizes this and it’s one reason why I think Bernie Sanders won’t win. It’s also why I think Trump downplayed the coronavirus recently because he needs the economy still in good shape for later this year and needed to quell fears the virus is fusing, because those fears are causing the economy to go down right now. Anyways, I think some voters will ask why become socialist when things are seemingly going okay at the moment and Sanders, I believe, will be like Norman Thomas, a man who ran for president twenty years as a self-proclaimed socialist, but lost every time, although he garnered more support for socialism along the way. And I’ve been on the record stating I predict that Trump will win his reelection campaign, but there will be an economic downturn and more internal upheaval because of it, in his second term, like The Simpsons predicted would happen with him as president. So maybe that would be the final blow, to make the United States a socialist nation, or something unfortunate or terrible like that to give the government more control and for people to want a radical change to the current system.

Vandalism hits Bloomberg campaign offices across the U.S.

Recently, I’ve been fearful that if the presidential election in the United States this year is between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, then there will be attacks related to the ludicrous concept of white supremacy done by some Trump supporters because Sanders is Jewish. Now, I’m considering the possibility that there will also be attacks against the rich by Bernie Sanders supporters, like how Bloomberg’s campaign is assuming without evidence was done to it recently. And some people may attack journalists and make more connections that aren’t there because of this upcoming election, like recently as well.




New Jersey Raises Terror Threat Level for White Supremacist Extremists to High

The state of New Jersey has raised its terror threat level for white supremacists to the highest it can. Recently, I heard someone mention Bernie Sanders as being Jewish. So I think it’s possible if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination to run against Trump, which I’ve suspected will happen, that more violence done by white supremacists might take place, maybe even by some Trump supporters, similar to what was seen in Germany in the past week because of this.


German gunman shared far-right conspiracies about devil worship and exterminating people




New Age Of Politics? Half Of Americans Feel Trump, Biden, Sanders Too Old To Be President

I’ve heard a lot of people remark about the age of Bernie Sanders, say he is too old to be the president. He recently suffered a health scare, which will only confirm the beliefs of those people. And this study claims many Americans feel like him and other candidates are too old for the job, while showing the ideal age people would like the president to be.