Biohackers team up online to help develop coronavirus solutions

I’ve shared news about how the coronavirus outbreak seems to be assisting the environment and other species. And now I believe it will also assist biohacking and biotechnology groups since more people will say this type of work, editing the human body, needs to be done to prevent one human being from getting a disease in the future.

Before Pearl Harbor

President Trump has said he is considering increasing the percentage imposed on China for tariffs in March to 25% from 10%. These tariffs scare me. It’s because they make some countries and people angry. And in history, before World War II, the United States imposed tariffs on Japan, which made people there angry and some people see it as one domino in a row of many that led to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Plus, I recently read a new issue of Newsweek. The magazine stated Trump probably shouldn’t be too worried about imposing tariffs on things like steel for China. Instead, he should be more concerned about the technology China is developing currently in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and space because those have bigger implications in the long-term.