Officials put entire Long Island town on a diet to lower coronavirus risks driven by obesity

I expect more of this type of thing to happen in the future, where people in power tell other people what to eat, but it might be forced on populations, instead of being voluntarily done like in Long Island right now. I also find it interesting how the coronavirus has impacted meat plants, since many people consider the consumption of meat a source of climate change. So the crisis just might be helping permanently change how we consume food, for the future and the planet.

How Cruise Ships Are Destroying The World

This video looks at how toxic cruise ships are; it is said they cause more pollution than cars. The coronavirus outbreak this year of course stopped travel on these ships and many ships right now are lost at sea trying to find a place to dock. I believe it was for a reason, because as this video says, they are symbols of decadence and gluttony. The coronavirus seems to me, like with people that have cut jobs, be fighting anything that is is not labeled as “essential”. But what is “essential” to one person may differ from another person; it is based on opinion and this is evidenced by what people are stocking up on right now like toilet paper. This could be how the future of the world is like however, where “essentials” are only had, since some people will seek to help the environment more after this.

California Teachers Could Be Required To Teach About Climate Change

California may require its teachers to teach its students about climate change. Maybe other states will follow suit. If this happens, it’ll be like how some schools force vaccinations, sure to inspire debate and outrage by people with differing viewpoints.