Acts of Goodness

“If acts of goodness be not accumulated, they are not sufficient to give their finish to one’s name; if acts of evil be not accumulated, they are not sufficient to destroy one’s life. The inferior man thinks that small acts of goodness are of no benefit and does not do them, and that small deeds of evils do no harm and does not abstain from them. Hence his wickedness becomes great till it cannot be covered and his guilt becomes great till it cannot be pardoned.”


Oppressed Oppression

So this week I saw the new posters for Avengers: Endgame saying to avenge the fallen. Of course in that movie, the Avengers will fight back against Thanos and finally avenge something in a movie for once! And then I thought of the short film I posted on here by Mark Osborne, More. In that short film, the main character hates the way their boss acts, but one day becomes a boss, and acts exactly like their old boss did! And then I thought of the posts I made on this blog, of how in the past I sought revenge against somebody because I believed I was treated unfairly and how it ended up being a mistake, of how I referred to a quote often attributed to Confucius saying before you embark on a journey of revenge to make sure you dig two graves, and of how to never pity yourself because self-pity can destroy everything around it except itself. And then I thought of how right now in the world there are many people rising up against the things they view as being unfair or unjust. When I finished, what I ended up concluding from all these remembrances is that sometimes the oppressed becomes the oppressor and the oppressor becomes the oppressed!