Govt bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok as border tensions simmer in Ladakh

The government of India has recently banned TikTok since it’s a Chinese app. Here though, where I’m at in the United States, it’s still available for the time being, and I don’t think most, if at all any, people I know that use the app know it’s from China. And because of this, when places were locked down a few months ago because of COVID-19, I found it odd that many of the people that said or were upset how the coronavirus originated in China or theorized it was a Chinese bioweapon were the same people also using the app to relax and keep expressing themselves! And recently, some American users of TikTok became prideful because they believe they trolled the president, by saying they were going to show up to his Tulsa rally through the app when they didn’t even plan to. But with this app being from China, I wonder if that country can use it to more easily promote certain causes such as these and I wonder if they’re playing with the divisions in the United States, attempting to divide and conquer the country, since through TikTok they possibly can manipulate people to rise up and according to Bolton’s book, Trump asked China for help to get reelected, even though his political attack ads say he’s tough on China. I wish I knew for sure.

The most apocalyptic killer virus coming home to roost

I predict people won’t be able to eat animals in the future, so I sometimes worry something big might happen in order to necessitate this change, something like this. Right now, I think COVID-19 has made progress on people calling for liberating animals more and on getting some people to stop eating animals, because of the assumed origins of the virus and what they might do with animals at zoos and pigs at pork productions, but I don’t quite think it’s big enough for what I predict.