Strange Stuff #420-Sun Worship

Due to recent events, it seems wise perhaps to visit William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series. In this episode, he says the word “corona” is Latin for “crown of thorns” and that in symbolism, these thorns represent the rays of the sun. What this shows is perhaps COVID-19 is a disease manufactured by those bringing about the New World Order and perhaps, this is also why Fauci said mask wearing could be seasonal, since perhaps the disease is more rampant when the sun is not around as much, as it is in the spring and summer, around when the sun is at its highest point on June 21st, the longest day of the year. Interestingly too, one team that was playing in the NBA Finals recently was the Phoenix Suns. Of course, they ended up losing that series, so I hope it’s not a bad omen for things to come.

The Curious Symbolism of the Phoenix in Literature and Myth

Measles Is Back With a Vengeance, Killed 200,000 in 2019

Measles is unfortunately back with a vengeance, killing 200,000 people last year. This also has me curious about the future with a coronavirus vaccine, since it says a 95% vaccination rate is needed for measles, to stop it from spreading within communities once it arrives. I wonder if a similar percentage rate would have to happen for the coronavirus, because I don’t think it’ll get that high.

No hope of normality until JULY: Head of Oxford vaccine team warns facemasks and social distancing will be needed until next summer

An Oxford professor says the practice of wearing masks and social distancing may have to continue until July at the earliest.

Trump continues downplaying Covid-19 as he tweets he will leave the hospital

Trump has downplayed COVID-19 after falling ill from it this week. I was thinking he would do this, in an attempt to keep the economy open and avoid lockdowns again, as COVID-19 cases are increasing in 25 states reportedly and because the COVID-19 vaccine he promised that would be available before the election may still be a long ways off. This is because I learned recently, in the United States, the fastest developed vaccine is said to be the mumps vaccine and that took four years to develop. So, we may be stuck with the virus and all of its implications for the next few years based on this scale. It could also be said his recklessness and special treatment serves another purpose, for making more people mad at those in positions of power and wealth as well and helps his chances at a reelection since COVID-19 was something he got lambasted for heavily during the presidential debate with Biden and because Biden’s campaign has now pledged to stop airing negative ads about Trump due to his hospitalization.