Fear Fake Memories

Right now, there’s a lot of fear about the potential of Deepfakes. The fear is in these showing you doing something you said or didn’t do, that can tarnish your reputation, endanger your future, and hurt you forever. What I think many people aren’t talking about however is that already in scientific experiments, memories are being added to animals. So I believe people should also be afraid of believing in something they didn’t do and fake memories for the future!

How Deepfakes Can Change Hollywood History

Some of my favorite Marvel comics are part of their What If line and I’m looking forward to the Disney Plus show inspired by these comics. These comics turn the history of many of Marvel’s iconic characters on its head by asking and exploring those type of hypothetical questions, such as what if Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben would have lived or what if Captain America never got frozen in ice or what if someone else became the Hulk. Now, with deepfakes, people are able to do the same with beloved movies and television shows and apply changes to them.