FBI agents investigating if 5G paranoia was behind Nashville bombing

FBI agents were reported as investigating whether fears over 5G was a motive behind the recent Nashville bombing. After the bombing, I thought of this as a possibility because AT&T is really pushing 5G, as well as the perpetrator perhaps being mad at AT&T for damaging movie theaters, because AT&T is connected to HBO Max and Warner Bros., who both just released Wonder Woman 1984 on streaming. Like I said before, I don’t believe 5G causes illness right now, but I believe concerns about it being used for increased, faster, and better surveillance are valid. Regardless of whether this was indeed a motive or not for the Nashville bomber, I believe we can expect this type of thing, of people acting violently because of false information, conspiracy theories, or alternative beliefs, to become more common under Biden’s presidency in the United States in the near future. There’s so many reasons for this I think. I remember reading an article, I think I shared here, that said one of the problems of the 2020s would be white supremacists, and there is a conspiracy to overthrow the government from people like that based on the contents of The Turner Diaries which I posted about before. And, right now, there’s many people believing Donald Trump won the election and are feeling angry because they feel like things are rigged against them. This makes them want to cause destruction, overthrow things, and Trump himself is also a notorious conspiracy theorist and peddler of false information. So, again, I will urge all to read everything, listen to everyone, but not believe it and act upon it unless you can prove it with further research.



Strange Stuff #296-YouTube will remove any new videos alleging Trump lost election because of fraud

YouTube is removing videos and channels with conspiracy theories saying Trump won the 2020 presidential election.