The End Of Drug Cartels?

In economic terms, a cartel means a few sellers that combine to set the price of a good that is being sold in the marketplace. Right now, many people wonder how to eradicate drug cartels in Mexico and in other places. And right now, I’m thinking drugs are becoming more accepted, with the progress marijuana and magic mushrooms have made in becoming more accepted in medicine and in certain states, but I wonder how much more all illegal drugs will become accepted in society. The war on drugs to me just seems unwinnable, because you can’t stop people from doing drugs even when they are illegal. So maybe in the future, all drugs in all places will be legalized, because the only way to break a cartel economically is to allow more competitors to compete. And if not, some people say upcoming implantable technologies in the brain can rewire somebody to curb addiction, so that’s a possibility as well.