Strange Stuff #329-Ishtar (Easter)

I think it’s possible that many of things that happened in the Bible did not happen at the exact same time many people think they did! An example of this could be Jesus’ birthday. Many people think it is on December 25th, but there are actually some people that hypothesize his birthday was actually on September 11th, and, the time of his death and resurrection could also be miscalculated. This is because Constantine merged Christianity and Paganism in order to save Rome. And you were all taught that Jesus was crucified on a Friday and rose again on a Sunday, and that his resurrection spanned 3 days time. That right there should convince you somebody is lying to you because the time from Friday to Sunday is only 48 hours. So this simple calculation could show this is now when that happened at all! What is actually being celebrated is the spring equinox, when the goddess Ishtar began to bring forth the fruit of the harvest. And the rabbit and the egg associated with the holiday are both symbols of fertility.

Trump says he wants to “open” the country by Easter

I find the timing of this interesting. Easter is of course a holiday celebrated by people for Jesus rising from the dead, and is about rebirth, renewal, and the decay of winter and a move towards warmer months, sunshiny days, which people hope will cause the spread of coronavirus to lessen, as the common cold and flu does when winter is gone. If things do work out by this timeline, then I could see Trump doing what he always does, brag, and try to be more like Joe Biden, celebrating and preaching unity, in the buildup to the election. And with the economy he can have another The Art of the Comeback moment potentially. Me personally, I don’t see how you vote for him anymore with his failure to take warnings before it happened and be prepared. So he’s taking hits right now because of it, by people that think the same as me about him with the crisis, but I can’t get rid of the idea in my head he could still benefit from it.