Strange Stuff #271-Demons were summoned into the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid

This video talks about how Aleister Crowley is said to have summoned demons in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It also theorizes the pyramids in Egypt were created by the Nephilim. Other theories I’ve heard about the creation of the pyramids of course include those which are many saying they were built by aliens, which Egypt denies. And, this video says that the pyramids in Egypt weren’t intended to be tombs, this ties into another thing I learned before, that the pyramids may not have been tombs, but instead temples of initiation for the mystery schools at the time there.

The Circle Of Life

Circles represent cycles, are symbols of a recurrence that cannot be broken or is perfect. This is because the ancients saw time as being round, going through cycles, and worshipped the heavens. There are so, so many examples of this. The Buddhists have the mandala (wheel of life or law) and in ancient India, the Jainists and Hindus had the chakra (disk) or yantra (circle). In Europe, the name of the Celtic god Mug Ruith can stand for the “wizard of the wheels”. Mayan calenders, such as the kind some people used as proof to say the world would end in 2012, were circular. The ancient Chinese believed in a principle responsible for all change and as a force of stability called the tai chi, which was represented by a circle. The ancient Greek word kylos means both cycle and circle and ancient Egypt and Babylon are responsible for the zodiacal year. Natives in North America believed time to sacredly be a hoop. Germanic tribes saw the ring as a symbol of time never being broken. There’s that image of the snake eating it’s own tail in a circular fashion. The snake was chosen because it renews itself from time to time by shedding its own skin. And of course, many people in rituals danced or moved around in circles, to symbolize or attain a new beginning, season, or cycle of life.

Regulated Internet

I love the internet, it’s where I get a lot of my information and maybe the only source, other than a library, I believe where it’s closest for a person to find the truth about everything. I do not believe it should and want it to be regulated more. I think in the future though, in the United States, the internet might be regulated more, like it is in Russia and Egypt right now, and that there’s currently a lot of people wanting it to happen. This will happen under the guise of safety, although some people will want it managed more because it gives them more power. I believe many excuses or reasons can be used to get this to happen, such as people saying Momo and the Blue Whale Challenge is urging kids to commit suicide or because people livestream their crimes like the Christchurch shooter or because of trolls or fake news or Russians using the internet to influence the outcome of the 2016 election and so on and so forth.