Reddit slammed by former CEO Ellen Pao for ‘amplifying’ racism and hate

These are a few more recent things that make me think speech on the internet will be regulated more.

Facebook Will Not Remove Trump’s Post That Threatens Protesters

Many people, even employees of the company, are upset that Facebook will not do more to restrict Trump’s opinions on the platform. I don’t like what Trump said recently on social media either, but I worry if they’re able to restrict the opinions of a president more, then they could easily do the same for the average person as well. So with these people upset at Facebook, along with Trump saying stupid things on and fighting with Twitter, it does seem the internet will be controlled more in the future. One reason for this will be all the false information being shared, sometimes by Trump and others, but I think if the internet is controlled more, there’s no guarantee either all information that is given will be true; this is because it’ll only be what the controllers want you to know.

We live in a “fake” world

These two things looks at how fake news and misinformation is changing society. I believe and worry these kinds of things will also be used for some people to gain more control of the internet in the future, maybe sooner than I’m expecting if Trump and Twitter keep feuding.

The Goal Of The Internet

When I think of the purpose of the internet, I like to imagine it as being the same reason its creator said it was for, which was to allow people to learn and to communicate with each other and to express their opinions no matter how absurd they may be, knowing that it wouldn’t work without other people being free. But, as has happened in the past before with so many inventors, I’m afraid this inventor’s creation will end up working differently than was intended, because I think in the future, in the United States and perhaps elsewhere, the internet will be controlled more. This will be done by some people saying it has to be done for security reasons, when maybe it’s more about the power they can achieve. This is because when you think of the internet, it perhaps can be any individual’s one source for everything. The internet helps an individual shop, learn, watch television, communicate, and do so much more. So who wouldn’t want to monitor and control that and those things the individual does?