Drew Brees addresses NFL players kneeling in 2020: ‘I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag’

I guess Drew Brees doesn’t read this blog, so was unable to read my recent post about players like Kaepernick kneeling in the NFL. Because of his recent comments and these things below, I sometimes wonder if the NFL is a house of cards, interpreted as a symbol of oppression, that will soon crumble. There’s a fact about this situation I talked about before, I wish more people knew, so will now repeat. Colin Kaepernick, when he began protesting, would sit on the bench during the national anthem, but later, he met with a war veteran that told Kap he disagreed with what he was doing, and suggested taking a knee, as a way to honor soldiers while simultaneously protesting. So Kaepernick did what many people don’t these days, he met someone halfway, and compromised. That right there helps discount Brees’ argument, which is the argument of many, of it being disrespectful to those that have served.





Coronavirus is making touch-free shopping a necessity

The coronavirus crisis is obviously changing how people shop and, I think, training people to accept an entirely cashless society in the future. In the second article, I find it interesting how Steve Forbes thinks a cashless society will make diets easier to monitor and control. So after this outbreak lessens, things are opened up, there will be more people trying to regulate the diets of others more too. We’re already kind of seeing it with calls to get humans to stop eating dogs and bats. I also don’t think overconsumption will happen with food and other things in the future, only what is “essential”, especially because I remember an article I shared about some guidelines from people that wanted to help the environment, for a diet, and they recommended things like only one and a half chicken nuggets a day. But, there will have to be fighting in order to make this all occur, because order comes out of chaos and long ago, I blogged about how I think when you help the environment, you’re not really free, but when you are free, you don’t really help the environment! So we’re unfortunately placed in a situation where we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t with the environment! In a already divided world, this is just another division that is being made, the choice whether to fight for freedom or the environment and security. I’d like to believe we can find a balance however, of an agreement that benefits all sides, but maybe it’s just a dream, not a real possibility.


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