The Chosen One

Many people have this tendency to look at politicians as being like their savior or Messiah, to ask themselves who’ll stop the rain.

Oprah Winfrey once did it by saying Barack Obama was “the one”.

And now something interesting has happened recently by Donald Trump tweeting about praise bestowed upon him and declaring himself to be “the chosen one”. This ridiculous statement of his and praise caused some people to say he’s the Antichrist and it makes it seem like he’s LeBron James on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Harry Potter or Anakin Skywalker or any other fictional character destined for greatness. And many of his followers do believe that, that he’s destined for greatness. I think their belief in him has gone to his head, since some of his more religous followers believe he was chosen by God to save America, although to me, I think he was chosen by God to do the opposite!

So, I believe people, when following politicians, should remember the band Megadeth, and not put these politicians too high on a pedestal because they may ultimately betray their trust.