Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

This article answers why such elderly people are involved in politics in the United States. I think there’s some tension and resentment between old and young people in the United States and this tension and resentment might cause young people to radically change the nature of the country, like this writer seems to imply to me he wants.


Trump says he wants to “open” the country by Easter

I find the timing of this interesting. Easter is of course a holiday celebrated by people for Jesus rising from the dead, and is about rebirth, renewal, and the decay of winter and a move towards warmer months, sunshiny days, which people hope will cause the spread of coronavirus to lessen, as the common cold and flu does when winter is gone. If things do work out by this timeline, then I could see Trump doing what he always does, brag, and try to be more like Joe Biden, celebrating and preaching unity, in the buildup to the election. And with the economy he can have another The Art of the Comeback moment potentially. Me personally, I don’t see how you vote for him anymore with his failure to take warnings before it happened and be prepared. So he’s taking hits right now because of it, by people that think the same as me about him with the crisis, but I can’t get rid of the idea in my head he could still benefit from it.


The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online

This is a proposed bill I’ve seen some people are angry about because of what it entails and since it’s being ignored by all the news coverage dedicated to the coronavirus. If it passes, then I think it makes the internet more controlled in the United States, as I’m expecting to happen someday.


Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’

I hope Levitt is right.




North Texas Hospital Reports Spike In Severe Child Abuse Cases; Believe Linked To Stress From Coronavirus Pandemic





How Cruise Ships Are Destroying The World

This video looks at how toxic cruise ships are; it is said they cause more pollution than cars. The coronavirus outbreak this year of course stopped travel on these ships and many ships right now are lost at sea trying to find a place to dock. I believe it was for a reason, because as this video says, they are symbols of decadence and gluttony. The coronavirus seems to me, like with people that have cut jobs, be fighting anything that is is not labeled as “essential”. But what is “essential” to one person may differ from another person; it is based on opinion and this is evidenced by what people are stocking up on right now like toilet paper. This could be how the future of the world is like however, where “essentials” are only had, since some people will seek to help the environment more after this.

Biohackers team up online to help develop coronavirus solutions

I’ve shared news about how the coronavirus outbreak seems to be assisting the environment and other species. And now I believe it will also assist biohacking and biotechnology groups since more people will say this type of work, editing the human body, needs to be done to prevent one human being from getting a disease in the future.


Bloomberg: U.S. 30-Year Mortgage Rates Tumble to a Record Low of 3.29%

This, which happened a couple of weeks ago, in tandem with the havoc on the stock market wrought by coronavirus concerns, could be a sign a recession is coming, since low mortgage rates can be bad omens for the economy, such as with the 2008 recession. It’s also interesting and important to note how many things resulting from the 2008 recession were not considered national emergencies, although they impacted lives negatively, but the H1N1 influenza in 2009 was considered a national emergency by Obama. That outbreak was terrible, but not as terrible as the media believed it would be. It just fizzled out. Hopefully, that is what’s going on here with the coronavirus and Trump declaring it a national emergency. It’s because national emergency declarations, like the stock market, sometimes are not so much about the thing itself but rather the threat of that thing becoming bigger. However, I do think this entire situation is already worse than the H1N1 outbreak under Obama since so many places are closed, things are cancelled, the economy is taking big hits, and there’s more fear.