A King’s Power

“‘Power lies not in what a king does, but in what his subjects believe he might do.This was profound. For it meant that the majesty of kings lay in their mystique…not in their might. Every act of might diminished the king, for it diminished his mystique. Might exposed the king’s powers and thus his limits. Might made the king human. Breakable.”

-Ta-Nehisi Coates

Words Have Power

“Words appear to possess a power and vibration of their own, a power that differs according to their quality or character. Thus positive words have the ability to awaken in us feelings and powers akin to themselves.

We can easily prove this for ourselves. If, when discouraged or depressed, we repeat to ourselves the words: courage, strength, hope, faith, victory, joy, happiness, etc., we find that there is something within us that responds to the power and vibration of the words uttered, so that we are raised above our weakness and depression to such an extent that we are able once again to face up the difficulties and problems of life.

However, if we allow ourselves to become depressed and discouraged, we go down and down, life becoming more and more trying and difficult as we travel downwards. But if we overcome our depression and discouragement, we are able to rise to higher achievement and to a stable, satisfying success.

It is hardly necessary to add that if instead of making use of positive words, we make use of such expressions as: ‘I am fed up’, or ‘Everything is against me’, or ‘Everything I do ends in failure’, or ‘Everyone has good luck except me’, or ‘What is the use of trying, it is always the same result: disappointment, failure, injustice, bad treatment from others’, and so on, then the results are disastrous.”

-Henry Thomas Hamblin

Power Responses

As a sports fan, I always recognize there are teams that seem to be more powerful than others, such as the Warriors, a team that plays tonight. And as a citizen of my country, I often notice how many people view things differently. It seems to me sometimes people are either infinitely impressed or infinitely disgusted by the power of those successful sports teams and my country. So, I believe with power, there are always some people that worship that power and also some people that lament what was lost at the expense of acquiring that power.