Dating in a politically polarized world

Sometimes opposites attract, but many people are preferring not to gamble in testing that with the people they choose to date in this politically polarized and divided world we live in.

Comic Books Predict The Future?

Part of the reason I love comic books so much is because I think they inspire and predict change, technologically and socially. And in new X-Men comics, I’ve noticed something interesting, because in some old comics and even the X-Men movies the characters Cyclops and Wolverine often fight over the affections of the character Jean Grey. However, recently, Cyclops and Wolverine have stopped this fighting and now all three characters are engaged in an open relationship with each other, are polyamorous, with even another character. So because of it, I think it’s possible that in the future, more people will be able to not only love who they want, but when, similar to how some people want to have polygamy out in the open in Utah, especially since I think the world is turning upside down, changing from how things traditionally have been done for the longest time, and that commercials, like this T-Mobile Little Ones Super Bowl commercial below, can connect to this and give hints about the future.