Humans Are ‘Meathooked’ But Not Designed For Meat-Eating

This is one reason why I believe people in the future won’t be able to eat meat, because right now many scientists can point out how it’s not natural, how our teeth were never designed to eat meat. And if you believe in the Bible, then you also know it was God that gave permission to people to devour meat, and so maybe it shows how religions are being replaced as well, like I speculated before, since their allowances are being followed less, and how again, the eating of meat may not be natural.

Religions Are Being Replaced

It has been reported Christianity and other religions are losing precedence in the world, it’s sure to have made some people say it’s a sign the end is near. There are so many examples I can think of about why this loss is happening. I’ll list a few of them now. I remember reading the Book of Genesis and in it, God gives a man more power over a woman, tells Adam he rules over Eve, because it was the woman that ate forbidden fruit first from the garden. But now, I would say women are being more empowered, and possibly will hold more power than most men in the future. Often too, I’ve seen some angry people say the Bible doesn’t condone homosexuality, and right now, homosexuality is becoming more accepted, homosexuals are being empowered too. Another thing I remember from reading those early parts of the Bible is that it states God gives humans dominion over animals and permission to eat them, but in my opinion, nobody will be considered better than and be able to eat an animal in the future. Also, if you’ve noticed, other angry people I have seen, that are against abortion, often will say as an argument, that all life is valuable. And of course if one has a belief in evolution it is the opposite from a belief in creationism. Evolution is about survival of the fittest, so it doesn’t fit in with this kind of thinking, since with this belief not all life and everything of everything else is considered valuable, unless it is strong. And I believe the future is indeed frighteningly moving in an evolutionary based way with upcoming things which some people are afraid of, like suspecting that eugenics will be paired with genetic modification, and recent events, which I expect to carry on into the future, like choosing only to continue with what is “essential” for the environment’s sake. So the ultimate reason why religion is failing is because it contradicts with the kind of world some people want to see, and it’s not relevant to how things are changing in the world today, and where it is going. And ultimately, all religions and philosophies depend on their ability to adapt to changing circumstances throughout time.