The Sickest

I was in the hospital for a family emergency earlier this year. There, I asked for information about the procedures that would be done on a loved one. The doctor that gave me the information was mean. I wish the doctor would have been and explained things nicer, but I thought the doctor seemed to be in a rush and what they felt under the pressure of their high-stress job contributed to this attitude. Since then, I’ve been wondering about how stressed hospital workers get and learned that veterinarians is a career path in which many people commit suicide. And before all this, I learned a fact about the United States, that was once true, but I don’t know is true anymore, that relates to this. At one time, there was a point where psychologists had the highest suicide rate out of any profession in the United States. So, what I think all this shows, is that sometimes those that help us the most are the sickest!