Suicide rates in girls are rising, study finds, especially in those age 10 to 14

This article again points out the stress of wanting achievement. Currently, boys commit suicide more than girls, but maybe there will be an equilibrium or the fact will be flipped, if recent statistics are any indication.

Billy Joel

I have bonded with some people because they like the music of Billy Joel and I like the music of Billy Joel. But we wouldn’t be able to bond over this commonality and enjoy so much of his music if he succeeded in doing something in his past, because before he made it big, he attempted suicide. After his band’s first album flopped and a romantic relationship ended, he attempted suicide by choosing to drink furniture polish instead of bleach because it would probably taste better. The attempt failed and he went to achieve success and ended up marrying a model, Christie Brinkley. So what I think this story shows is how unfortunate it is many artists have ended their lives or have died prematurely, leaving us asking what would have happened if they were still alive. And it shows great things can take time and what other people say about you doesn’t matter, it is what you say about yourself! That is what defeats you ultimately.