Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Review: The Good, Bad, and Incredible

I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise so I want to visit the new attractions Disney has made, although I don’t think it will be anytime soon. So for right now, this article will suffice.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Named ‘World’s Worst Attraction’

This may be partly because it’s just a sidewalk and I wonder if in the future, the sidewalk will get even more unpopular if more people attempt to dig dirt on many of the famous names there like they did with R. Kelly and Michael Jackson recently, since there’s already a history of people defacing stars belonging to certain stars already.


No, this post, as you can probably tell, isn’t about that god-awful movie starring Olivia Newton-John! It is about virtual reality! The potentialities of virtual reality are staggering to me and a lot of other people. I can’t wait for the technology to improve and be more accessible so I can simulate the experience of sitting courtside at a Lakers game or visiting the Eiffel Tower. The article above has another potentiality of virtual reality technology, one I did not consider or was aware of and am not too keen about it like those other options.

I wonder how many people will be eager to try the option in the article above though. And I wonder if this technology can and will be seemingly able to simulate anything a person is missing in their life and how much people will prefer the virtual world to the real world. Is it possible for many people the worlds constructed by virtual reality will be like “Hotel California” since they can never leave?