Building Blocks

Many of the people closest to me and myself included love to play the games Jenga and Tetris. The word “jenga” is said to be a Swahili word that means “to build”. And, that’s what the object of these two games is, to build. But, if you’re not careful, what you build may eventually cause you to end up losing the game. To me, this is also similar to the stories of the inventor of the Segway dying by falling off a cliff using a Segway or the inventor of having their wife leave them because of someone she found on! And all this to me is a valuable lesson about life, because sometimes, if you’re not careful, what you build up can eventually destroy you.

Battle Royale

I’ve played the battle royale video games Fortnite and Apex Legends before. I noticed something interesting in them because at the start of each match you play, you’re given a lot of space to move around in, but as time goes on, the space you are allowed to move in gets smaller and smaller, until you’re finally forced to confront other players and the last people standing win the match. To me, this is also reminsicent of the images of the angry mob surrounding Frankenstein’s monster with torches. What these games and images show is a truth about life, or rather the end of it, since sometimes tightened areas are symbols for death.